Managing your Company Savings Plan

Employee Shareholding through a Company Savings Plan is an investment with many advantages, developed within the company.

The payment contributions on your Company Savings Plan (PEE / PEG) are carried out through your employer.

It is your employer who asks you if you want to take part in the Employee Shareholding operations.

You will have to complete the individual payment form distributed by your company, and indicate the amount you want to invest. Then you will give it back to your employer who centralizes all the requests, validates them and transmits them to REGARDBTP.


After each movement on your account, you receive on your private secured mailbox  a transaction statement summarizing your investment. You can consult, online, in your private secured account the update of your assets.

The amounts invested on a Company Savings Plan (PEE/PEG) are blocked for 5 years. Then you can recover your capital at any time or keep it on your plan and continue to enjoy its benefits .  

Some situations allow you to collect your savings before the end of the locked-in period.

My savings are available

Your savings have passed the locked-in period and you want to benefit from them to realize your projects ?

Go to your private secured account to enter your release request online.

Your order is immediately taken into account. It remains searchable. Simple, secure, interactive you will be accompanied throughout your entry.


The payment will be in Euros by international transfer, SEPA or SWIFT (costs can be charged).

My savings are blocked

You want to withdraw your savings before the end of the blocking period without questioning your benefits, including tax ?

Depending of your country of residence, you may request early redemption of your locked-in assests under certain circumstances and maybe without a tax penalty.

Contact your local correspondent to find out the tax regulations applying to your situation.


Only one claim for reimbursement is allowed per cases of early redemption. The same event cannot lead to successive releases. In case of partial release, the balance of your assets will remain blocked until the legal deadline.

How to recover my savings

You can request the release of all or part of your assets. For a partial release, the oldest assets are repaid first.

On which Net Asset Value (NVA) will my assets be redeemed?

The redemption is made on the valuation date following the registration of your application or the next date of availability. Therefore, for amount redemption, the amount paid may be different from the strict amount requested.

Please be aware that your application cannot be registered if incomplete.

What taxes are applicable when redeeming?

Depending on your country of residence, the taxes may be different.

Contact your local correspondent to find out about the taxes applying to your situation.

Can I unlock the savings invested after my request?

Only savings invested before the date of the event can be recovered.

How soon am I reimbursed?

Your personal account is credited no earlier than 5 business days after the execution of your sell order on the Net Asset Value following the receipt of your request (the valuation of your order).

The days counted are business. Saturdays and Sundays are not counted. Please be aware that depending of your country  of residence, delays can be longer.

Your company  FCPE is valued weekly each friday (D) or the previous open day if this day is a bank holiday or a closing day of the Paris Stock Exchange.

In cases where Friday is not an opening day of the Paris Stock Exchange or is a legal holiday, the net asset value is established on the 1st business day before (D-1). The cut-off time of reception of requests and centralization of orders are shifted to the 1st working day before.


To be executed on the net asset value of Friday (J), subscription and redemption orders for units or shares of employee savings funds, accompanied if necessary by supporting documents, must be received by REGARDBTP before Thursday (D-1) before 17:00 via internet. After this time limit, orders are executed on the basis of the following net asset value. 

I inform you of a change of situation.

Your details evolve. Report your new details as soon as possible using our correspondence form (address, bank details, civil status).

You move ?

Send us your new mailing address on our correspondence form. Attach a proof of address of less than 3 months.

You can also change your postal address directly online on your personal secure account in the MY INFOS section.